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Performance issue in Windows PC has been one of the most upsetting problems for years. Users come through the issue very frequently and unexpectedly—doesn’t matter how advanced hardware they are using in the Windows personal computer system. However, even after a slew of irritating slow performance issues in Windows PC, people have managed to overcome the situation. Microsoft Windows support helpdesk has been quite a helpful source to find a real time Microsoft Windows support service to resolve the slow performance issues.

Instead of the technical solutions, there are some essential Windows tips and tricks that can potentially make a huge difference in your workflow—you would hardly ever come through the inefficient process on your computer system. Here’re some essential things that you must go through and learn how you can make the best of your Windows computer.

Launching taskbar using keyboard shortcut:

Many of the Windows users open taskbar through the Start menu—but it may eat into your productive hours. To skip the procedures, you can use a combination of keyboard keys to launch the Windows application taskbar.

Every Windows program is assigned with numerical shortcuts from left to right. Pressing Windows key along with the numerical key can help you launch the Windows applications.

Setting up new options in Send To menu:

There are so many useful options and shortcut methods to make the best use of right-click option. You can make a change in the Send To menu to add more locations so that you can send your files easily and quickly.

Firstly, create a shortcut to the folder that you want to add to Send To menu. Now open Windows Explorer and type shell:sendto path in the address bar and press enter. It will open the path location—now drag the shortcut and drop in this location.

Here you may get more details on the technical procedures if you are using some other Windows PC. For more details visit the official page https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/windows-training.aspx and learn the process for your Windows computer system.

And if you have any issue with the process and want to get rid of it immediately, then visit expert Windows customer service at https://windowssupportphonenumber.com/ and learn more about the shortcut Windows tricks.

Ctrl+Z shortcut as a time-saver:

While shuffling files or writing a documents, you do mistakes, which is not a big deal. It is a common problem that everyone may come through—but there is a solid keyboard shortcut that you can use to undo the mistakes in seconds. It can help you even remove unnecessary files that you create while shuffling the files.

Advanced search tool to locate your folders quickly:

Windows search option is not unknown to the users—but using advanced search tool and search box in the Windows explorer might be unknown to the users. Windows allow you to add some additional search filters to make it more effective and useful. For more details on the Windows search tools, you may avail of Microsoft Windows technical support by dialing a toll-free Windows contact phone number.

You set up and customize the search tool efficiently in accordance with your requirements using advanced Windows tech support through a toll-free Windows support number.

Pin the commonly used program for Jump List option:

You can save you time in searching documents in Windows file explorer—once you pin the program like MS Word and do a right click on it—you will see a Jump List of recently used documents. You may click on the preferred document and start working on it. This is said to be the most useful tips and tricks for Microsoft Windows as you will be saving on your productive hours.

In addition to these secrete Windows tips, there are some other technical procedures that you can implement to ensure an increased efficiency of your Windows computer system. You would better go for a reliable Windows phone support to enhance the efficiency of your computer system. It is necessary to keep removing unnecessary Windows files that can potentially cause your computer system to run sluggishly.

On the other hand, you should also try out using advanced antivirus program to keep all the possible malicious elements away from your computer system. Apart from the official techies, you may also rely on independent Windows 7 support professionals to deal with the slow performance issue with Windows PC.

Visit us and allow our independent Windows techies to offer you all the possible technical assistance in case of any technical obstacles. You may dial us or contact Windows support through chat for an immediate access to the expert technicians.

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